Fujitsu concept phones : des téléphones mobiles de rêve

Fujitsu concept phones : des téléphones mobiles de rêve

Fujitsu a lancé en mai dernier un concours de design pour les téléphones mobiles (Fujitsu Mobile Phone Design Award 2009) ouvert au public. Il y a eu plus de deux mille participations et des résultats vraiment étonnants. Le jury de ce concours était composé de plusieurs grands noms japonais de l’art. Au total, 24 prix ont été décernés : Grand Prize, deux Runner-up Prizes, six Judge’s Special Awards, et 15 Honorable Mentions.

Sur le stand de Fujitsu au CEATEC, on peut découvrir les neuf premiers prix. Les idées de créateurs sont vraiment sympa et j’espère qu’elles seront utilisées dans un futur proche… et pourquoi pas, avoir un produit final comme ce que l’on peut voir ! Je rêve ? 🙂

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Les photos et la description (en anglais) des concept phone du Fujitsu Mobile Phone Design Award 2009.

Grand Prize
Gesture / Designer: Jin-gwon GO
Description: With advances in graphic user interfaces, functions become icons for easy use. The design features an interface that can be operated according to the user’s hand gestures when operating the mobile.

Runner-up Prize (Practical Category)
Soap / Designer: YAN
Description: A mobile phone designed for children to promote the idea that well-being is tied to cleanliness. As a child, everybody learns to wash up soon after coming home. This phone is designed to be washable.

Runner-up Prize (Dream Category)
FOLD-A-PHONE / Designers: Hanna Sahlen / Sachiko Munakata
Description: A paper-thin handset that can be folded into a compact shape and unfolded for use as a phone.

Judge’s Special Award (awarded by Toshiyuki Kita, product designer)
Adjustick / Designer: Izumi Tanaka
Description: A stick-like design that displays the minimal information through simple manipulation. It also projects a usable screen and keyboard.

Judge’s Special Award (awarded by Manabu Mizuno, art director)
Osusowa Keitai (« Sliced-up Phone ») / Designers: Kan Yasuma, Yo Ishigaki, Yoshihisa Tanaka
Description: Multiple mobile phones that can be connected and used as one. This enables one phone to share its battery’s charge with another, or for several to be joined together to form one large television screen.

Judge’s Special Award (awarded by Kazuya Shimokawa, chief editor of Nikkei Design Magazine)
chamelephone / Designer: Hiroyuki Tabuchi
Description: The mobile phone’s body can mimic and take on the texture of the surface that it is placed on.

Judge’s Special Award (awarded by Katsumi Asaba, chairman of Japan Design Association)
F-Circle / Designer: Yuji Ito
Description: The design’s distinctive and timeless appearance, a departure from the typical rectangular mobile shape, is intended for use throughout the years.

Judge’s Special Award (awarded by Hideyuki Saso, corporate senior vice president, Fujitsu Limited)
KAORA (Tile) / Designer: Wataru Igarashi
Description: « Screens have to be flat »—the goal of this design was to break convention and create a distinctive design allowing user-friendliness previously unheard of.

Judge’s Special Award (awarded by Kimitaka Kato, president of Fujitsu Design Limited(1))
Amoeba Phone / Designer: Kwak yeon
Description: The entire surface of the mobile phone is a touchscreen, increasing usability, while its interior concave shape is designed to fit the user’s face when they are talking on the phone.